4in1 solution sets new benchmark in pipe production

The trends in the sector of large pipe production are more and more towards three aspects: it has to be flexible, absolutely precise and special. The latest answer of Graebener® to this development is a unique combination of proven machine concepts.

2018 | January 29

Ever increasing requirements for pipe tolerances set virtually impossible tasks for more and more pipe manufacturers making them face serious economic risks. Especially special pipes for the gas and oil industry with a wall thickness above one inch, to an increasing extent clad pipes as well, today are subject to such sophisticated tolerance requirements that only few pipe manufacturers are able to live up to these challenges. Reason for this: many of them are missing suitable production machines which can meet these requirements efficiently, reliably and economically.

Therefore,Graebener® has been specializing for years on the task of preparing pipe manufacturers worldwide for exactly these challenges. The latest response to the current trends of the pipe production is a combination of well proven machine concepts which is unique in the world. The highlight: a combined calibration, straightening, bending and crimping press. The design: Four in one. Crimp plates, calibrate pipes, straighten pipes and bend pipes using only one single machine.

Pre-Bending without any pinch points

Especially for thick-walled materials and clad pipes with small and rapidly changing lot sizes, the newly developed 4in1 technology offers comprehensive advantages evident by looking at the crimping process alone. In this area, the conventional post-bending presses and roll pre-bending machines quickly come up against their technological limits.

While numerous pipe manufacturers have to deal with rolling flaws, pinch points and severe welding problems when pre-bending with rolls, the combined Graebener® crimping technology ensures a minimum of straight pipe ends for a perfect joining result even with the most demanding materials. Both plate edges are pre-bent simultaneously throughout the entire plate length in a step-by-step process – without any pinch points which pose serious problems for the operators of roll pre-bending machines when it comes to the final acceptance with their customers. Thanks to specially arranged cylinder systems increased tolerance requirements are no longer a problem.

Focus on "quick return in invest"

A movable tool table later on allows users of the new 4in1 technology a quick change between the crimping tool and the calibration, straightening and bending tool. "Future oriented pipe production lines must cover multiple work steps reliably. Only this way we can ensure highest flexibility for our customers as well as a quick return on invest", says Dieter Kapp, Managing Director of Graebener®.

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