Graebener® puts into practice highly flexible LSAW Pipe Shop

Graebener® Technology remains the ultimate solution for the global players of the large pipe industry. Following the Mexican global player Tubacero, the Cimtas Group from Turkey also banks on Graebener® for the new LSAW pipe production line.

2018 | January 29

For the new pipe mill of the subsidiary Cimtas Pipe located in Turkey’s seaport town, Gemlik, Graebener® delivered six customized machines: a pipe forming press, a post-bending press, a long seam milling machine, a continuous root tacking machine, a CNC pipe end beveling machine and a first-time built combined calibration, straightening and crimping press. Thanks to this newly developed 4-in-1 machine technology, Cimtas Pipe, as first pipe manufacturer worldwide, will be able to realize the crimping of plates as well as the calibration, straightening and bending of pipes using only one single machine.

Close partnership leads to success

Considering the ever changing market requirements, Cimtas Pipe can manufacture even smallest lot sizes in a highly flexible and economic way in Carbon, Stainless & Alloy Steel– all this of course in adherence to ASME and API requirements. The production range comprises a pipe length between 6 and 12.2 meters, a wall thickness between 8 and 65 mm and pipe diameters between 16 and 60 inches.

From the perspective of the global player Cimtas, Graebener® Maschinentechnik offered the ideal package of experience, know-how, flexibility and service. "Graebener® delivers above standard. That was important to us. From day one, Graebener® never approached us as a "mere" machine supplier but as a partner who supported us with vast experience. Both parties benefit from the close professional exchange and we are sure that together we have found the optimum solution for our new production line", Cimtas Pipe advised at the grand opening ceremony of the new Cimtas Pipe Works in September 2017. As early as during the project and engineering phase, Graebener® closely collaborated with Cimtas Pipe and supported them with the planning and realization of the production line, even before the layout of the production halls was finalized.

Now partners focus on Industry 4.0 solutions

Graebener® is specialized in customized machine concepts. Starting point for each solution is an ambitious challenge far from any standard. For Cimtas Pipe, the challenge not only entailed planning a competitive LSAW pipe production line on a brownfield site within a very short time, but also realizing a flexible pipe production customized for small as well as large lot sizes in order to meet the ever increasing market requirements. The parties are also seeking for Industry 4.0 solutions on the path forward.

Graebener® Maschinentechnik presented Cimtas with a customized overall concept promising short lead times: a convincing package. Only eleven months after concluding the contract, Graebener® delivered the first machine on schedule in January of 2017. By the end of August, right on time, the production was launched: a schedule-wise precise landing, thanks to the perfectly organized project leadership of Cimtas Pipe and a strong project management between the partners.

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