Speech: "Changing LSAW Pipe Production: How manufacturers remain competitive despite small lot sizes."

ITA Conference 2019, am 10. April in Düsseldorf

2019 | April 10

No change, no future: Pipe manufacturers, today more than ever before, are forced to adapt to the ever changing market requirements. This is especially valid for LSAW pipe mills which, in the past, were mostly designed for large scale projects in the pipeline business. Whereas before, one single order was enough to ensure several months of full capacity, today's market is asking for ever smaller and fast changing lot sizes – with highest quality requirements.

New challenges call for new solutions

In fact, all employees had the opportunity to put forward those projects and organizations which they felt were especially important. When presenting the donations, these employees served as patrons and were able to listen to the sometimes very emotional stories concerning the daily routine in these organizations.

How can LSAW pipe manufacturers produce even smallest lot sizes economically and still meet highest quality requirements? This question is addressed by Hartwig Hiestermann, Managing Director Sales at Graebener®, and Volkan Kibaroglu, Procurement Group Manager at the Graebener® customer Cimtas, during the Tube & Pipe Industry Development Seminar 2018.

The lecture presents new solutions for a flexible and economic LSAW pipe production in detail. Thanks to optimized production layouts and new flexible multi-purpose machine concepts, LSAW pipe mills can produce even smallest lot sizes economically and do not have to fear the challenges posed by the increasing quality requirements for pipes. On the contrary: New solutions offer new opportunities.

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