Graebener® donates 7,500 Euro for social purposes

Graebener® has donated a total of 7,500 Euro to 5 different organizations. A large part of this sum are the proceeds of the company's annual tombola and the generous increase of the donation by the Management Board.

2019 | April 19

Each year, it is a matter of the heart for Graebener® to support regional social organizations. Right in the middle of things, i.e. in the company's workshop, the impressive sum of 7,500 Euro was handed over by staff and Management Board. The amount was divided equally between the support organization for the Josefshaus in Olpe, the catholic kindergarten in Salchendorf, the support organization for the elementary school in Hainchen, the children's villa "Kindervilla Dorothee" in Kreuztal as well as the parents' initiative for children with cancer in Siegen.

"Instead of the usual Christmas gifts to customers, it is more important to us to support social projects and organizations", explained Fabian Kapp on behalf of Management Board and staff. He emphasized, that the outstanding achievements of all those people who, on a daily basis, do great things in these institutions deserved special gratitude. Everyone in the region benefits from these efforts.

The selection of the beneficiaries was not random

In fact, all employees had the opportunity to put forward those projects and organizations which they felt were especially important. When presenting the donations, these employees served as patrons and were able to listen to the sometimes very emotional stories concerning the daily routine in these organizations.

One of these beneficiaries was Reinhard Geuecke, Facility Manager of the Josefshaus in Olpe with more than 180 children and adolescents: "Fitting aid and support that go beyond the refinanced amount are incredibly helpful and important", he praised the commitment of Graebener® and described that a donation of 1,500 Euro was no trivial feat. He wants to use the money for tutoring, a comfort area for severely disabled children and adolescents as well as for the final payment rate for a student's driving license which up until now was entirely self-financed.

Monika Wüst as Manager of the catholic kindergarten St. Nikolaus in Salchendorf was equally happy. Here, the donation allows the acquisition of a long-awaited nest swing.

Margit Büdenbender of the support organization of the Johannlandschule (elementary school) in Hainchen was very grateful for the generous donation. "For me, this visit once again made it abundantly clear how much help is needed in the immediate neighborhood and that even little means often make a huge difference." The support organization will use the money for interesting projects for their child care during the holidays. In addition to this, the project "class 2000" and more specifically children's health promotion in school is to be invested in.

Mr. Müller of the children's villa "Kindervilla Dorothee" was also very pleased with the donation of Graebener®. "This is a considerable help for us to make many kids feel better."

Mr. Pilz of the parents' initiative for children with cancer explained that the initiative had to rely on regular donations to be able to finance urgently needed aids, which sometimes were not covered by health insurance. In addition to this, the donation will also be used for fulfilling sick children's special wishes.

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