Youth Kart Elite at Graebener®

On Whitsun weekend, the Junior Team of the AMC Burbach invited the kart elites from Siegerland and Sauerland to the 5th preliminary run of the ADAC Westphalia Championship and the 3rd run of the VGS Siegerland Championship. The event was held at the Graebener® premises "Quartier Landeskrone".

2019 | July 01

On Sunday, June 09, 2019., the kart tournament started with the 5th run of the ADAC Westphalia Championship. As early as 8:00 o'clock in the morning the racetrack was opened by the class 1 (8/9 years of age). During the course of the day, classes 2, 3, 4 and 5 followed. The Olper AC won the team classification ahead of the hosts from Burbach and the MSC Süd Sauerland.

On the following day, the VGS Siegerland Championship was battled out on a slightly modified track. As usual, the youngest in class 1 went first, followed by classes 2 - 6. The team classification went to the AMC Burbach Junior Team ahead of the MSC Süd Sauerland and the Olper AC.

Holger Schneider, youth group leader of the AMC Burbach Junior Team, commented, "This has been great weekend with motor sport at its very best" and thanked Graebener® for providing their premises as racetrack in a very quick and uncomplicated way.

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