Donation for a good cause

Graebener® employees get involved

2020 | September 16

Haiger/Netphen. For quite some years already, Graebener® employees have been making their Christmas donations to social institutions. This year, the donation was made to one single person, Sara Überall.

Sara Überall suffered a bathing accident at the age of 30 and, at the beginning, fought for survival. Her spinal cord was injured so badly that she has since been suffering from a severe paraplegia from the neck down. For many months she was artificially ventilated and with great effort she learned to breathe, swallow and speak again. Today, six years later, she is able to move around with the help of an electric wheelchair that can be controlled via joystick. However, she is still dependent on continuous care in her everyday life and on state assistance. Her mobility ends at the front door, so she lives in great isolation. In order to ease her situation and to allow her to participate more in public life, many cost-intensive aids are needed which are not sufficiently covered by state subsidies. Aids which would finally allow Ms. Überall to carry out everyday tasks again or to visit friends and family in an independent way. All those things that are normal for a healthy person.

Thanks to the extremely committed efforts of a former nurse of Ms. Überall who today - long after her "business" relationship with Ms. Überall ended – still is fiercely advocating for her close friend, Graebener® learned of the personal fate and the associated call for donations.

At Graebener® it has long been a tradition to collect money during the annual Christmas party by means of a tombola. Money, which is then donated to a good cause. The employees always vote on who should be the recipient of the donation. In 2019, the decision fell on Ms. Überall. "Why not support a single person who needs as much help as all the other larger social institutions?" Thus, topped up by the management, a donation of 1,500€ was collected.

Even though the presentation of the donation was delayed considerably due to the unexpected corona situation, the joy of Sara Überall and the Graebener® employees, represented by Christina Meiswinkel, as well as Managing Partner Fabian Kapp was no less great.


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