Fast help in the flood disaster area

40 helpers assist Dernau in the Ahr Valley with cleanup efforts

2021 | July 25

Extreme rainfall in July ensured that many regions of Germany were hit by devastating flooding. One of the affected towns is Dernau on the River Ahr, where around 90% of the 1,700 inhabitants are struggling to cope with the aftermath, which threatens their very existence.

Fabian Kapp, Managing Director of Graebener®, used his regional network and realized a relief action without further ado. Within a day and a half, he mobilized 40 volunteers, various relief materials, construction vehicles and around 600 liters of pea soup to help the residents of Dernau clean up on July 24 and 25.

His big thanks go to the many helpers and supporters:

Baustra (, Heinrich Weber (, Scholko (, BAW (, Hugo Roth (, friends‘ association of fire department Wilden ( and Wirtschaftsjunioren Südwestfalen (

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