Tube 2022 | Düsseldorf

Visit us at the Tube 2022 and learn more about our solutions for the economical production of LSAW pipes and special pipes – seam preparation, forming, bending, calibrating and straightening.

2022 | June 20 - 24

Visit us at the Tube, Düsseldorf | Hall 7a, Booth B15


Focusing on innovation:

Circ Seam and Long Seam Milling Machines – Weld seam preparation: cost-efficient, reliable and safe

Graebener® solutions for the seam preparation at plate edges, pipes and vessels ensure optimum welding results for you – even of extremely narrow welding gaps. Our market leading milling technology guarantees a more cost-efficient, quicker, better and more health-preserving weld seam preparation than ever before. Real case studies give proof of the cost advantages of more than 50 percent.


RadiiPro® by fabforce® and Graebener® – Pipe bending presses with electronic radius measurement system

Graebener® pipe bending presses ensure a highly flexible and economic production of LSAW pipes and special pipes even with increased wall thickness and small diameters. Thanks to the electronic real-time radius measurement RadiiPro®, you can now obtain even faster results. RadiiPro® allows the operator to check the radius conveniently, safely and precisely from the control panel on the monitor instead of having to use a manual template. No more time lost due to the manual checking of the bending result.


2-Side Crimping Press for wall thicknesses above 50 mm (incl. Clad)

Our Graebener® crimping press for a two-side crimping in a step-by-step process provides you with the perfect crimped edge without any plate waviness, material roll out or squashing. Since there is no plate waviness, a zero gap with no edge offset can be achieved for a perfect weld seam preparation. In addition to this, our press can be used irrespective of the material, especially for the production of Clad pipes. Get unrivaled results for wall thicknesses above 50 mm.


With our state-of-the-art machines we ensure your decisive competitive edge.

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